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How Many Kids Do Alexa and Carlos PenaVega Have?

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega Wrap Their 3 Kids in a Sweet Embrace in New Family Photo

Carlos and Alexa PenaVega love to share glimpses of their home life. The couple did just that on June 5, posting an Instagram photo of themselves wrapped up in a sweet embrace with their three kids, along with the caption "FAMILIA," which is clearly the center of their world.

Both stars rose to fame at a relatively young age — Carlos starred in "Big Time Rush" and Alexa in "Spy Kids" — but these days, they seem to want to focus on giving their own kids a fun childhood. The stars's three children, Ocean, Kingston, and Rio, are bona-fide beachcombers, as right after Alexa had Ocean in 2016, she and Carlos decided to relocate to Maui. "We'd always talked about moving to Hawaii, but later on in life, like a retirement plan. But we also knew that we didn't want to raise our kids in Los Angeles," Alexa told Fox in 2022. But they decided to make the leap, and haven't looked back. "The Maui culture is about family, about community. I think that's something that was getting lost when we were living in Los Angeles," Alexa added.

Their daughter, Rio, joined the party in May 2022, and now this family spend their days living a fairly relaxed life in the sunshine. By the looks of Instagram — including accounts for all three kiddos — they spend a ton of time swimming in the ocean and traveling around the world.

Ahead, check out a bunch of their cutest family photos and get to know the three PenaVega kids.

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