Khloé Kardashian Shares Photo of True and Psalm's Broken Arms: "Had a Ball This Summer"

If there's one thing we can say about the Kardashian and Jenner kids and babies, it's that they're all absolutely adorable. Khloé Kardashian shares two children with ex Tristan Thompson, whom she dated on and off for several years until the former couple ultimately split for good in December 2021 after the NBA player fathered a child with personal trainer Maralee Nichols.

Khloé and Tristan welcomed their first child, daughter True Thompson, in 2018 and have maintained a coparenting relationship since. On July 13, 2022, news broke that the former pair were expecting their second child via a surrogate, a son whose arrival was confirmed by People on Aug. 5 that year. Since then, fans have learned more and more about Khloé's little ones through updates she's shared on social media and in the most recent seasons of her family's Hulu reality TV show.

Throughout season two of "The Kardashians," which aired in the fall of 2022, the Good American cofounder was particularly transparent about welcoming a second child with Thompson amid the birth of his son with Nichols. "Why would I want to have a baby with someone who is having a baby with somebody else? I'm not that much of a sociopath," Khloé said during an episode. She also added that she felt "bamboozled" by Thompson as he admitted to knowing about his other son during their surrogacy process. "In hindsight, he always knew when the other baby was being born."

In "The Kardashians" season three, which kicked off on May 25, Khloé shared even more about her son — including (finally!) his name, Tatum Thompson. She also spoke more about her surrogacy experience, admitting that it was "really hard" on her and ultimately impacted her connection with Tatum. Elsewhere, she also touched on where she stands with Thompson and shut down reconciliation rumors about the two.

Back on Oct. 27, 2022, Khloé expressed that she's since moved past her relationship with Thompson and his infidelities during an appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show," adding that she's officially done having kids. "Shop is closed," she told the daytime talk show.

Focusing more on her kids now, Khloé continues to share photos of her family here and there. On Aug. 9, she posted a photo of True and her cousin, Psalm West, both showing off casts. "Cousin cast club," she wrote in the caption, making it clear that her kids have been having a lot of fun — maybe too much fun. "Trampoline and monkey bars . . . They had a ball this summer."

While Khloé refrained from posting full photos of Tatum online for many months following his birth, that all changed on July 28 for his first birthday. Khloé, Tristan, and Khloé's sister, Kim Kardashian, all posted on Instagram to share loving birthday messages to Tatum alongside galleries of photos of their adorable "smoosh," as Kim called him in her post. A few days later, on Aug. 2, Rob Kardashian shared a photo of his daughter, Dream, hugging Tatum on his Instagram Story, which Khloé reposted on her story while joking about just how much Tatum resembles his uncle Rob. "Ladies and gentlemen, my niece and my brother," Khloé captioned the sweet snap.

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True Thompson

True Thompson was born on April 12, 2018, at a hospital outside Cleveland, OH, where her dad, Tristan, previously played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Though Khloé and Tristan have had their ups and downs in their relationship, the two are devoted parents to True. Kardashian's Instagram page is a pretty even split of photos of herself and photos of her daughter — whether she's dressing her up in a variety of adorable outfits or whisking her off on vacation to a tropical locale.

For True's third birthday, Khloé shared a series of photos of her toddler with the caption: "And Just like that.... you are THREE . . . I am not ready for you to be 3. I almost cry every time I call you 'Baby True' and you correct me. You say in the sweetest voice 'I'm not a baby! I'm a big girl!' I'm not ready for you to be a big girl but you must know, No matter what age you are, You will always be my Baby True. You have changed my life in more ways than I ever could have dreamed of. You are my best friend. My greatest blessing. My entire world. Watching you grow up has been one of my greatest honors. Seeing life through your eyes is something so special. It's something magical. I will cherish every moment I have with you forever. You are every dream I've ever had of becoming a mommy come True. Thank you for choosing me! God, thank you for blessing me with my angel."

Then, for True's 5th birthday in 2023, Khloé threw her daughter an over-the-top "Octonauts"-inspired birthday bash. "True is obsessed with Octonauts so we had a pastel/octonaut extravaganza," the reality-TV star explained in an April Instagram Story. "Thank you to everyone who helped make this party that much more special."

Tatum Thompson

People confirmed the arrival of Khloé and Tristan's son (whose name was later revealed to be Tatum) on Aug. 5, 2022. The former pair welcomed their son, their second child together, via surrogate and kept the process private until news broke on July 13, 2022. Though Kardashian still hasn't posted full photos of her son on Instagram yet, she first shared a small glimpse of his tiny foot on Oct. 31, 2022, for Halloween. "Owlette and Tigger aka True and Baby Brother. (Shhhhh…. But I can't wait for Halloween to be over)," the reality-TV star captioned her post.

In the months following, Khloé only posted a few more rare photos of Tatum on Instagram, though she still blocked out his face. In "The Kardashians" season three, she gets candid about how she felt about welcoming Tatum via her surrogacy process. "I definitely was in a state of shock from my entire experience in general," she said in one episode, speaking of the time she met her son in the hospital. "I felt really guilty that this woman just had my baby and then I take the baby and I go to another room and you're just sort of separated. I felt it's such a transactional experience . . . I wish someone was honest about surrogacy and the difference of it. But it doesn't mean it's bad or good. It's just different."

In another season three episode, Khloé revealed that she struggled to connect with her baby boy, explaining that with daughter True, it only "took days," but with Tatum, "It's taking months and we still don't have a complete bond." Though later on in the season, the mom of two said that bonding with her son "has definitely gotten easier."

That ever-growing bond was made clear on Tatum's first birthday, which appears to be July 28, with Khloé posting a loving Instagram message to her son where she shared her belief that God sent him to her. "I am a firm believer in that God gives you what you need and I needed you," she wrote in part. "God knew my heart needed you. I needed your sweet and precious Smile. I needed your angelic spirit. I needed a love only you could give me. I needed my son. I am so proud to be your mommy."

Tristan also shared a message to Tatum, writing on Instagram, "You are a reminder of what life represents to me. You have taught me every loss comes a lesson and you are my gift. You are my reminder of all of God's messages. You are the reason that I began my story. The mistakes along the way are lessons not failures. There is no expiration date to reinventing yourself. Tatum your sweet soul reminds me of God's grace. You are a future king my son and I am so blessed to be your DaDa!"

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More Photos of Khloé Kardashian's Kids, True and Tatum