Thandiwe Newton's 3 Kids Are Her Minis — Get to Know the Whole Family!

Thandiwe Newton and Ol Parker have one ridiculously good-looking family. The British family of five — including children Ripley, Nico, and Booker — have graced many a red carpet to support each other, whether it's Thandiwe's movies or TV shows she's starring in, Ol's films he's directed, or even Nico's very own movie premieres. Though Thandiwe doesn't share a ton of pictures of her cute kids on Instagram, the ones she does share are adorable and show how much all her kids look just like her. Her daughters could just about be her sisters! Ahead, check out some of their cutest photos from over the years, and get to know her kids better.

Ripley Parker

Ripley Parker was born Dec. 17, 2000. She is Thandiwe's oldest child. Ripley is an accomplished writer, which her proud mom has bragged about on Instagram. Her first published work appeared in It's Not OK to Feel Blue and Other Lies, which came out in October 2019. She's currently repped by Knight Hall Agency in London for her writing. Her bio reads that she's working on a young adult television series called The F*ck It Bucket about mental health concerns among British youths. She is also working on a "jukebox musical based on the music of The Smiths, as well as a play about the life and relationships of poet Emily Dickinson."

On her twentieth birthday, Thandiwe posted a photo of her daughter to Instagram, writing: "My angel my love. 20? How? Your wisdom, grace, compassion, WRITING!?!!, stealth, moral code, HEART. @jayjopling @whitecube came to your first art exhibition when you were 8, you called @borisjohnsonuk a c**t to his face when you were 15, what are you gonna do when you're 20?.. the Establishment are quaking in their brogues :)" She added, in Shona: "Bhavhadhe rakanaka mwanasikana wangu. Ndinokuda kwazvo," which translates to: "Happy birthday, my daughter. I love you."

Nico Parker

Nico Parker was born in December 2004. She is Thandiwe's second-born child and youngest daughter. She's followed in her mom's footsteps to become an actress as well, making her big acting debut in 2019's Dumbo. Nico, who could be her mom's twin, grew up on movie sets with her mom and dad, Ol Parker, who is a director. She told Teen Vogue that when she was younger, she didn't realize how cool it was, but now she feels fortunate to have that background. She still isn't used to the spotlight, though. "The whole process of publicity, I find it really odd. I'm not here to be like their kid. [My mom is] here to be my stage mom," she told Teen Vogue.

Booker Jombe Parker

Booker Jombe Parker was born March 3, 2014. He is Thandiwe's youngest child and only son. Like his sisters, Booker was born at home, Thandiwe tweeted at the time, also sharing her thanks to the midwife who helped her. Thandiwe and Booker are two peas in a pod, as evidenced by the cute photos she shares of him on Instagram. She had to homeschool him in early 2020, though, because of COVID-19, and it's safe to say it was a bit of a struggle for them both!

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