Even Charity Can't Make Hugh Jackman Be Nice to Ryan Reynolds: "Everyone Hates You"

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We're finally at the end of the long-standing faux rivalry between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, but even that can't go down peacefully. Back in November, the actors announced they were setting their differences aside to raise money for charity with Sam's Club (though "together" might be putting it generously).

Throughout the holiday season, registered Sam's Club members were given the chance to vote for Hugh and support the Laughing Man Foundation, which helps support coffee farming communities worldwide, or side with Ryan and support SickKids Foundation, a Canadian organization fighting for the health and well-being of children. The count ended on Dec. 20, and on Monday, Sam's Club CEO Kathryn McLay officially declared the winners: Hugh and the Laughing Man Foundation. It's safe to say that Hugh wasn't the most gracious winner when he revealed the news to BRyan.

"You lost the Sam's Club thing, I won," he told the Canadian over video chat. "Everyone hates you. Bye!"

At least it was all for a good cause? As Ryan wrote under his legally obligated tweet announcing the news, "The REAL winner of the feud is @sickkids Foundation and @laughingmanco Foundation." Maybe this means the two will finally get along after all these years! Yeah, I was joking, that's definitely not going to happen.