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Watch Ryan Reynolds Narrate Hugh Jackman's Laughing Man Ad

Ryan Reynolds Narrating Hugh Jackman's Commercial Has Me Spitting Out My Coffee

It seems Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have reached new ground in their faux feud. Realizing that nobody can troll him better than Ryan, Hugh enlisted the Deadpool actor's help for a hilarious new commercial for his company Laughing Man Coffee. In the clip, we see a "typical" day in the life of Hugh . . . only he's not the Hugh we know and love, he's an *sshole.

As Ryan narrates the commercial, Hugh does the complete opposite of everything he says until he gets a sip of his coffee, including listening to scream-o music at top volume. I mean, I can relate. I'm not really a person until I've had my caffeine. You can see the real Hugh Jackman in the commercial above — he did say it was an honest glimpse into his life on Twitter.

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