Jason Momoa Celebrates Earth Day by Pulling Water Bottles Out of His Pants

No one does Earth Day quite like Jason Momoa. On Saturday, the "Aquaman" star celebrated the day by promoting his company Mananalu Water, which is striving to eliminate single-use plastic bottles by replacing them with recyclable aluminum ones. But Momoa didn't simply tell his Instagram followers about his company's latest line of products; he filmed himself pulling the new bottles right out of his barely there bike shorts instead.

In the video, the "Game of Thrones" actor touts the new larger sizes the bottles come in. "Some really big news," he says while reaching into his pants to pull out an aluminum water bottle. "22 ounces. No more 16 . . . well, we still have 16."

Momoa cheekily reaches in again after taking a swallow of water to reveal the new passion flavor, as well. The actor and environmentalist didn't stop there. He also recruited one of his friends to star in the video as "Plastic Pete," a litterer who gets taken down by Momoa on the New Zealand beach where the skit was filmed. (Don't worry, he assures viewers that no one was harmed in the making of the video, including his pal who gets binged in the head with an aluminum bottle.)

"Having a beautiful silly earth day with my friends," Momoa captioned his post. "Go out enjoy your day celebrate Mother Earth please take care of her Mahalo for the support @mananalu.water everyone trying to eliminate single use plastic from their lives reduce reuse recycle all my aloha j."

This is far from the first time Momoa has shown a little skin for a good cause. In March, he promoted his clothing line by baring his butt on Instagram. "We got all our new shirts in. We got purple, we got pink, we got lavender, we got black," he said as he stepped back to reveal that he was only wearing his shirt and a pair of flip-flops.