Marketing Genius Jason Momoa Promotes His Clothing Line With a Butt-Baring Video

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Jason Momoa knows exactly what he's doing. On March 9, the actor and "Game of Thrones" alum promoted his new clothing collaboration by modeling the designs half-naked on Instagram, as one does. Momoa's video starts on a tame note as he shows off a just-released lavender T-shirt bearing a triangle pattern inspired by his tribal shark-teeth tattoos. "We got all our new shirts in. We got purple, we got pink, we got lavender, we got black," he says before stepping back to reveal a pair of matching flip-flops . . . and the fact that he's totally pantsless.

On the bottom, Momoa is only wearing a traditional Hawaiian malo, which is pretty much a loincloth in front and a thong in back. He graciously offers fans a full rear look as he walks away from the camera and puts his buns of steel on display. "We look good!" he yells while shimmying into the distance. Now that, folks, is what we call A+ marketing.

Momoa's top and flip-flops are the latest releases from his collab with a rock climbing gear brand called So iLL. Together they've also designed items like socks, beanies, sneakers, sunglasses, and velvet scrunchies (a nod to Momoa's love of the hair accessory). So iLL packages and ships many items without using plastic, making it an on-brand partnership for Momoa, who previously launched his own aluminum bottled water brand, Mananalu.

It's safe to say So iLL reached an entirely new audience this week, thanks to Momoa's cheeky advertising tactics. His Instagram post has been unsurprisingly flooded with thirsty comments. One follower wrote, "There were shoes??" while another chimed in, "Is there a limit to the amount to times we can watch this? Asking for a friend." Thankfully, just like in "Mean Girls," the limit does not exist.

Momoa is certainly not shy about flashing his derrière. In November, the "Aquaman" actor stripped down to his Hawaiian malo on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," baring his backside in slow motion for the studio audience. "I actually don't even like wearing clothes anymore," he told the crowd. The barely there garment was a go-to for Momoa as he prepared for "Chief of War," an Apple TV+ series set in Hawaii in the late 18th century. "I'm in it every day. I wear it all the time," he said.

Read ahead to admire Momoa's latest internet-breaking Instagram post and to shop a few pieces from his So iLL clothing collection as a personal thank you for his services.

Jason Momoa Shows Off His New Clothing Releases on Instagram

Shop Pieces From the So iLL x On The Roam Clothing Collection

Shop Pieces From the So iLL x On The Roam Clothing Collection

Here, Momoa models the Yaya Lavender Nakoa Tee ($56) and matching Yaya Lavender Kanaka Sandals ($48) with his Hawaiian malo.

Just for fun, here's another shot of Momoa showing off the Yaya Lavender Nakoa Tee ($56).

The collaboration also includes these So iLL x On The Roam Men's Boxer Briefs ($34), which come in either black or pink.