Jessica Biel Is Absolutely Mortified to See Her '90s Self Dissing *NSYNC

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Jessica Biel stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, and she was immediately dragged into an embarrassing chat about her husband, Justin Timberlake. After regaling the audience with the tale of Jimmy's misbehavior at her wedding, Jessica was questioned about her allegiance to Justin's band, *NSYNC. She's confessed before that she wasn't a fan of the band before she and Justin met, but this time around, Jimmy had video proof of her indifference. In the hilariously awkward clip filmed back in 1999 (there was definitely a '90s theme to the entire show), Jessica is asked about *NSYNC, and she tries to be gracious as she explains that she's heard their music but she isn't a big fan. But it's the nonchalant shrug followed by a disinterested "Cool, I guess" that causes Jessica to crumble with embarrassment. "The attitude!" she laughs, as Jimmy teases her about how much trouble she's going to be in when Justin sees the clip. But rather than make up for the mistake, Jessica continues to dig the hole deeper when Jimmy asks if she knows any of the band's songs now. Watch the video for yourself to see her answer.