Jimin's Birth Chart Proves the BTS Member's Popularity Is Truly Written in the Stars

Park Ji-min, famously known as Jimin, is a multitalented megastar and member of the K-pop boy band BTS who's known for his enchanting vocals and killer dance moves. A deep dive into his astrological birth chart shows there's way more to Jimin than what we see on the surface. Jimin has a range of creative skills, all of which are informed by his star sign. The K-pop superstar has a love for dance, a passion he's had since childhood, and he's expressed this creativity through choreographing his solo track, "Lie," which he also cowrote. Aside from being a multitalented pop star, Jimin is also quite fashionable, which is pretty expected when you look through the Libra's astrological chart.

If you're curious to know the details of Jimin's birth chart, we've got you covered! POPSUGAR spoke with pop culture astrologer for the New York Post and Page Six Kyle Thomas to break down the singer's birth chart. Read on to get to know the BTS band member even better.

Sun and Moon

When reading a birth chart, the three most compelling placements are your sun, moon, and rising sign. Jimin was born on Oct. 13, 1995. Unfortunately, we don't have Jimin's birth time, so we can't calculate his houses or his rising sign, but there's still plenty of celestial information floating around the internet. Your sun and moon can still tell you a lot about your celestial identity, since they play a big part in your core personality and your emotional reactions.

Sun in Libra

Your sun sign sits at the core of your identity. This placement is your essence and is typically how others are able to identify you. Jimin's sun is in the balanced sign of Libra, which means he is diplomatic and prioritizes his relationships, which are really important to these cardinal air signs. "Jimin's Libra sun means that he is a natural-born communicator and negotiator, able to mirror others with ease," Thomas told POPSUGAR. "Libras are drawn to beauty and harmony and flourish when their lives are in balance." Libras are known for being sociable and likable people among friends and strangers alike, and his presence on social media is a testament to being admired by so many.

"As the zodiac sign that rules marriage, Libras are sensitive romantics who thrive in union," Thomas said. "However, they sometimes end up sacrificing too much just to not rock the boat. People with Libra suns are charming, sweet, and often quite popular." That adds up when you consider Jimin holds the record for most trending keywords and hashtags on Twitter. He was also honored with a projection show on the Busan Tower on his 26th birthday, as his hometown celebrated its beloved star. Clearly, Jimin isn't lacking in popularity.

Moon in Gemini

Our moon sign represents our emotional responses and our inner self, a placement that we may know all too well but others may not. Jimin's moon is stationed in the inquisitive sign of Gemini, which is all about the mind and communication. "Having a moon in Gemini implies that internally, Jimin has a very curious mind and a hunger for knowledge and change," Thomas said. "He finds that his heart and spirit operate a bit more logically than others. However, he could be prone to being an ambivert — a balance of extrovert and introvert energies."

Your moon sign is usually dealt with privately, but because Jimin's moon sign is in the super-chatty Gemini, you can bet that he's probably transparent with his emotions. For example, Jimin was incredibly open in sharing his experience with difficult feelings of becoming "empty."

Jimin's Personal Planets

Sun, moon, and rising aside, our personal planets are the layer underneath. They describe our motivations, communication style, aggression, and even sensuality. Mercury describes our communication styles, Venus represents our personal aesthetic and romantic side, and Mars represents our aggression and sexuality. Let's take a deep dive into Jimin's personal planets.

Mercury in Libra

Mercury is the planet all about the mind and communication. Jimin's Mercury sign is also in Libra, meaning that when he communicates, he tries to be as level-headed and fair as possible. "Jimin's Libra Mercury implies that when it comes to his communication style, he tends to come across as very pleasing, diplomatic, and sweet," Thomas says. "He likes to present himself as logical and fair, sensitive to other people's needs, and never too selfish." Jimin's Mercury in Libra also contributes to his incredible sense of fashion. We should've known his expert 'fits were written in the stars.

Venus in Scorpio

When it comes to love and aesthetics, Venus is the planet to look toward. Jimin's Venus is in the sultry sign of Scorpio, meaning he's super passionate and emotional in relationships but might be obscure or secretive when it comes to love. "This placement implies that he's intense in his relationships — especially around his feelings, as they run extremely deep when he wants something," Thomas said. "He is fearless with intimacy and loyal to those who he believes are worthy of his affections." Scorpios are known for being deeply emotional but often hiding their feelings — pretty on-brand for a sign with a poisonous stinger.

Mars in Scorpio

Our Mars sign represents our determination, passion, and aggression. It's the planet of all things primal and sensual. Jimin's Mars sign is in Scorpio as well, which, according to Thomas, is a very important piece to his birth chart. "This is a strong placement because Mars is a co-ruler and traditional ruler of Scorpio, meaning he can exhibit his passion and aggression in precise and strategic ways," Thomas said. "Jimin knows how to strike for power moves instinctually and is all or nothing when it comes to getting who, or what, he wants." Thomas added that Jimin's placement of Mars in Scorpio means he can be the strongest ally or an enemy to fear. "The thing about him is that he'll often cut where it hurts, unbeknownst to people, because he'll do it behind the scenes," Thomas added.

Jimin's passionate artistry when it comes to dancing, singing, and performing make sense when you break down his birth chart, and his Scorpio placements are solid astrological evidence that support his fiery passions. It's clear that being sociable and connected with others is important to the global superstar, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight to his popularity and deep admiration.