28 Times King Princess Inspired Us to Live Our Best Lives

King Princess is a masterclass in honest self-expression. She is a true modern pop star, and through her Instagram, King Princess lets us into her world with an authentic look at what it's like to be a genderqueer pop star in the 21st century. At age 20, she is already breaking down barriers in the music industry and beyond. By eschewing the filters and editing that many celebs use these days, she keeps it real (and realistic) for her many fans. She isn't afraid to show off the less-glamorous, sometimes-unflattering parts of her life, and we love her for it. Through her Instagram feed, King Princess shows us that being yourself is the best thing you can be. Let's check out some of her most honest moments.

When She Paired Sneakers With Prada

When She Kept It Real About Going to the Dentist

When She Embraced Her Canine Friends

When She Exercised Her Right to Vote

When She Served Bathrobe Realness

When She Strummed Her Guitar on the Bathroom Floor

When She Celebrated Hanukkah

When She Rocked an Elegant Mustache

When She Dropped Some Cowboy Flavor

When She Embraced Makeup in Her Own Way

When She Wasn't Afraid to Be Silly

When She Served Serious Face

When She Went to the Zoo

When She Took Us to the Doctor's Office With Her

When Her Shirt Kept It Real

When She Kept It Real About the Dentist . . . Again

When She Rocked an Iconic Backstreet Boys T-Shirt

When She Looked Fly in a Suit

When She Supported Her Sister's Cheerleading Competition

When She Blessed Us With This Video

When She Was a Whole Mood

When She Rocked Belly Chains and Satin Pants

When She Showed Off Her Friends

When She Flashed Her Refreshingly Imperfect Nails