Kristen Bell's Anniversary Message For Dax Is a Reminder That the Date Really Doesn't Matter

Getty | John Parra

It's no surprise Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard lead busy lives. They have demanding careers and daughters Lincoln, 6, and Delta, 4, at home, so when their fifth wedding anniversary rolled around, it understandably slipped through the cracks. On Monday, days later, Kristen shared her unfiltered feelings about why she and Dax forgot the "special day" — and why it doesn't matter.

"We were reminded by family and friends that at some point last week, it was our 5 year wedding anniversary," she wrote on Instagram. "In truth, neither of us remember which day. Thats because we have been living the celebration of our commitment every moment since. I find when you are living with gratitude each moment, the dates become irrelevant. To get to wake up next to someone who has put hard work, respectful fights, patience, understanding and gratitude into your relationship is the definition of love."

"I will never remember the date of our anniversary @daxshepard, and i know you wont either," she continued. "And thats just one more thing i love about us."

Of course, Kristen couldn't resist adding a little humor to her sentimental tribute. She followed up her touching message with a PDA-packed photo and wrote, "Here's the morning we both got texts from grandma saying 'happy anniversary!' We were both on our way out the door but stopped for a quick hot and heavy make out sesh while Frank stood close like a creeper."

Here's to many more years of love for Dax and Kristen!