I Could Watch Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard Bicker Over Missing Toiletries All Day

I'm now more convinced than ever that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard need to star in their own reality television show. The couple just engaged in a highly entertaining quarrel over the mysterious case of Dax's missing toiletries, and Kristen documented the entire interaction in a four-part IGTV series that has me in stitches.

It all begins when Kristen, lying in her bed, starts filming Dax lamenting the disappearance of various bathroom essentials, including his hairbrush, tweezers, and nail clippers. Kristen claims these items have been pilfered by their two daughters, Lincoln and Delta, but Dax seems suspicious that his wife is in on it, too. His solution to the theft? Purchasing a fireproof safe to stash away his products.

Throughout the video series, the goofy duo continue to playfully bicker as Dax sets up his shiny new safe, taking over space in Kristen's bathroom drawers. Another very important detail worth noting: Dax is wearing a onesie the whole time, which I simply love for him. Watch the videos ahead to take a peek inside what goes down at the Bell-Shepard household after hours. Studio execs, consider this my plea to offer these two a TV series deal.

Part 1

In part one, Dax unveils his brand-new safe, which can allegedly withstand temperatures up to 1,400 degrees for up to 15 minutes. He refers to his daughters as "those two chimps that live down the hall" because they're constantly taking his nail clippers without permission. Do yourself a favor and watch until the very end of the video to see Dax's reaction to learning that his safe has a carrying handle.

Part 2

The second video revolves around Dax making room for his handy-dandy fire-resistant box. While removing some items from a bathroom drawer, he reveals that he owns an ear wax removal kit and attempts to get rid of some of the family's towels.

Part 3

Dax joins his wife in bed for part three, during which he brings missing Apple TV remotes into the picture. He also roasts her for having a manicure set in the hallway closet and suggests labeling the nail kit as a "spinach homework box" as a decoy so nothing gets stolen by their daughters. The actor sincerely believes his purchase of the safe was not an overreaction, which . . . debatable.

Part 4

Back to the bathroom we go for part four! Kristen catches Dax cleaning his ears with a Q-tip, despite previously claiming he only does so every two weeks. They debate Dax's obsession with having multiple tubes of toothpaste in their home at all times, and Dax shows off his fancy haircutting shears.