"Abbott Elementary"'s Lisa Ann Walter Has a Hilarious Impression of Costar Sheryl Lee Ralph

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"Abbott Elementary" costars Lisa Ann Walter and Sheryl Lee Ralph have a sweet offscreen friendship, and as much time as they spend together, it makes sense that the former has developed a knack for hilariously impersonating her dear friend. On Jan. 3, Walter broke out her best impression of Ralph on "The Jennifer Hudson Show" before dishing about one of their favorite pastimes: shopping.

"Sheryl and I are a menace at the mall," the 59-year-old actor joked. "We walk into wherever we go and I'm like, 'OK, the gowns are over here, this is the clearance section, I'll meet you in the middle. Bring what you have and we'll try it on.'"

Walter went on to give Ralph her flowers before dropping her voice down an octave and going back into her sophisticated impression of her. "She is incredible. She'll just tell me, 'OK, this is what you may get me for Christmas,'" Walter said, amusingly adding, "I have to get into my register."

Walter then explained: "But the interesting thing about her — and I pulled it, I went, 'What color do you want?' It was a Louis Vuitton shawl, and she was like, 'Girl, no.' She will just call me up on the phone and say, 'Girlfriend, where are we going this weekend? I've lost the ability to care. I cannot do one more thing. Oh, there's a party? Well then I'll go.'"

Listen to the rest of Walter's funny impression of Ralph above.