Soooo, Lizzo Just Downed Harry Styles's Entire Glass of Tequila at the BRIT Awards

We know two things: Lizzo and Harry Styles make an epic duo, and they'd do a fine job presenting at an award show. Thanks to the many fun moments between the pair, Tuesday's BRIT Awards were an absolute treat to watch.

In between epic performances, awards being announced, and heartfelt speeches, presenter Jack Whitehall made sure to speak with Lizzo and Harry plenty of times throughout the night, which made for lots of hand holding, kisses, cuddling, and, best of all, downing very strong alcoholic beverages. After trying a small sip of the tipple, Jack handed Harry's drink (which just so happened to be a full glass of neat tequila) over to Lizzo, who took on the challenge of downing the entire thing like a champ. We're sure that her potential hangover will be worth it.

Jack seemed fond of his new love triangle, tweeting "New show. Me @lizzo and @Harry_Styles travelling round the world in a camper van," and we are absolutely into that idea. Read on to see some of Harry and Lizzo's best moments from the BRIT Awards.