Lizzo and Kamala Harris Discuss Black Voter Suppression: "Let's Not Let Anybody Take Our Power"

In honor of National Black Voter Day on Friday, Lizzo chatted with Sen. Kamala Harris about the importance of voting, the vice presidential candidate's dedication toward the Black community, and how to fight Black voter suppression. The singer interviewed the senator on her Instagram Live, asking honest questions about the anti-Black policies of her past and what advice she has for Black people who feel discouraged to vote.

"One of the reasons we know we need to vote is to honor the ancestors, those who shed their blood for our right to vote," Kamala explained, adding that while white women were guaranteed the right to vote by the 19th amendment, Black women gained the right 45 years later through the Voting Rights Act. But more importantly, the senator stressed that there are so many issues at play right now, including healthcare and the lack of access to capital, that can be changed by way of voting.

"Let's not let anybody take our power."

"Black folks have to sit back and ask a question, which is, 'Why are so many people trying to make it so difficult for us to vote?'" Kamala said. "The answer is this: because when we vote, things change. When we vote, we have a say in who our leaders are, so part of what I just want to remind everyone on this National Black Voter Day is let's not let anybody take our power." The two also discussed food justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and the senator and Joe Biden's commitment to naming a Black woman to the Supreme Court. Above, watch their full IGTV discussion.