6 Times Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and Mindy Kaling Showed Us What a Strong Friendship Looks Like

Can we just take a moment to thank Mindy Kaling for introducing us to Maitreyi Ramakrishnan? Maitreyi stars in Mindy's Netflix show, Never Have I Ever, and the series marks her first-ever Hollywood role. In the beloved series, Maitreyi plays a first-generation Indian American teenage girl navigating the struggles of high school, boys, and adolescence. As much as we love her character, we're also obsessed with her real-life friendship with Mindy. When recently asked why Maitreyi was the "perfect choice" for the role, Mindy said it was for "so many reasons." "I loved that she was south Indian," she explained. "She's also just so naturally funny and comfortable in her skin. To be the lead of a show, to really anchor it, you either need experience or to be naturally confident, and she was the latter."

Maitreyi shared similar sentiments when Mindy asked her what she loved most about having her as a boss in an interview for Entertainment Tonight. "You're just so chill. This is not just me, this is all of the cast," Maitreyi gushed. "We all love you and think you're so grounded. But, like, we know Mindy Kaling can write, she can act . . . she can do everything. And then you're just this chill person and you're just so awesome." Hopefully this isn't Maitreyi and Mindy's last project together because they make such a great team. See some of their cutest moments ahead.


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