In This Video of Maude Apatow and Mom Leslie Mann Roller Skating, I'm 100% Judd Apatow

I'm living vicariously through the Mann-Apatow family's roller-skating videos, and I don't care who knows it. On Sept. 29, Maude Apatow shared a video of herself and her mom, Leslie Mann, simply vibing in a parking lot with a Fleetwood Mac soundtrack. The 15-second clip exudes some immaculate energy, and prompted a response from sister Iris Apatow, as well as from fellow celebrities like Elle Fanning. "My mom is a lot better at roller skating than I am," Maude captioned the clip. She's a lot better than all of us, to be fair.

Leslie also shared a clip from their skating day, and let's just say, this is a classic case of "expectation vs. reality." In the video of easygoing and effortless strides, I'm absolutely Judd Apatow, tagging along and just there for the ride. Although, not literally, because he's gone without skates. Watch the clips — above and below — for a virtual invite into an afternoon with the coolest family in town.