Roller Skater Oumi Janta Has Taken Instagram by Storm With Her Fun and Uplifting Skate Videos

Oumi Janta is a roller-skating instructor based in Berlin, and her videos make us want to get up and dance (oh, and maybe strap on some quad skates right along with her). She gives lessons and takes part in "roller discos" for Jamskate Club, and we are hypnotized by her smooth moves and joyful energy. Footage of Janta grooving to the beat and doing fancy footwork in her skates has been circulating on Instagram this summer — actress Viola Davis even posted a video of Janta on her own feed.

Janta truly does look like she has a blast skating, and skating to good music in particular. She wrote in an Instagram post last year, "What would I do without music! It makes me move, smile and enjoy the moment in a different level. One of the best moments is when I take over an empty Basketballcourt [sic] in the morning, Its [sic] amazing! Try it." Honestly? We might need to ASAP.

Janta has documented her progress learning new styles of skating and tricks, like different types of spins, for years on Instagram. This shows that even if she's working to improve, she's enjoying the sport all the same (and she's pretty darn great at it already!). Check out some of her coolest skating videos ahead. We promise they're worth the watch.

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