There's Nothing Cringe-Worthy About the PEN15 Cast's Real-Life Bond

So you just finished binge-watching season two of PEN15 and are officially butterfly-clip-adorned head over heels for the cast? Same here. Seeing as the show revolves around various groups of middle school besties in the year 2000, we couldn't help but wonder whether the actors share the same tight bonds when the cameras stop rolling. Many dedicated PEN15 fans already know cocreators Maya Erskine (Maya Ishii-Peters) and Anna Konkle (Anna Kone) have been BFFs since college, but it turns out, many of the younger stars are friends IRL, too, including Sami Rappoport (Becca), Anna Pniowsky (Heather), Jessica Pressley (Jessica), and Hannah Mae (Connie). Read ahead to check out the cast's best, totally-not-cringey friendship moments. So, uh, can we get that season three renewal already, Hulu?