Regina King and Cornbread Steal the Show Once Again — This Time Surprising Andra Day

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If anyone was having the night of their lives during the 2021 Golden Globes, it was probably Andra Day. After Andra made history as the second Black woman to ever win best actress in a motion picture drama, Regina King, along with Aldis Hodge and her dog Cornbread, crashed the 36-year-old's Access Hollywood interview. Andra's reaction to seeing Regina was priceless. I mean, how else would you react to being in her presence besides absolutely losing it? After exchanging hugs and fawning over each other, the pair sat down so Andra could continue her interview.

When asked how proud she was of the Golden Globe winner, Regina had this to say: "Oh my God, are you kidding me?!" Apparently, Regina and Aldis found out in real time that Andra was staying at their hotel, and they set out to find her. One of their cutest moments included Regina fixing Andra's jewelry as Andra said, "This cost too much money. I'm not trying to get fined." In a more serious moment from the interview, Andra discussed how important her history-making win was: "I just want to keep seeing this platform, keep expanding, where it's not a conversation anymore." You can watch Regina and Andra's full exchange above.