Seth Meyers Jokes That Rihanna Is Bad at Taking Pictures — and He Has the Proof

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Being that she's a Grammy Award winner and the brains behind one of the most successful beauty launches in the last two years, you'd think it'd be safe to say that Rihanna's good at just about anything. But, according to Seth Meyers, there's one area in which the ANTI singer could use a little more practice. The talk show host recently sat down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show where he spoke about finally meeting Rihanna for his "Day Drinking" segment back in June and then proceeded to call her out for not being able to take decent photos.

"She, at one point, took my phone and took a bunch of pictures while we were day drinking," he explained after Jimmy asked if there was anything the singer isn't good at. "And then, when I went through them and looked at them, I'm like, 'Rihanna's bad at taking pictures.'"

To back up his claims, Seth even brought a little evidence in the form of a really blurry photo of him that appears to have been taken at a bad angle. In Rihanna's defense, both of them were clearly a little intoxicated during the segment, so you really can't blame her for not being able to get the camera to focus. Still, at least he'll always have the photos as memories. Watch Seth's full interview with Jimmy in the video above.