Seth Rogen's Pottery Content Is the Most Wholesome Corner of the Internet

Seth Rogen: actor, comedian, producer, director, and, perhaps most surprisingly, ceramicist. The 38-year-old star has become quite the pottery buff in his spare time, creating everything from ashtrays and planters to bowls and even soap dispensers. Ceramics isn't a new hobby born of quarantine boredom for Seth, though — as far as I can tell, he's been perfecting the craft since April 2019 with a little help from his wife, Lauren Miller, who's been a pottery pro since high school. They even set up their own studio at home, complete with a kiln they aptly named Brad Pitt (because "it gets hot as f*ck" — his words, not mine!).

Seth regularly delights fans with peeks at his clay masterpieces on Instagram and Twitter, always pairing each picture or video with a wholesome caption about his love for pottery. His followers are so into the content, in fact, that there's even a petition for the actor to start selling his works of art. All in favor of Seth getting his own Etsy shop, please say "aye!" And while we patiently wait for him to do so, you can admire some of his most impressive handmade pieces to date ahead.