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Tina Fey on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon at Home Video

Tina Fey Made Jimmy Fallon Crack Up on The Tonight Show, and Now I'm Laughing Too

Tina Fey joined Jimmy Fallon for an episode of The Tonight Show: At Home Edition on Friday, and tuning in felt like being part of one of their hilarious conversations. The friends and former SNL costars exchanged one-liners while they chatted about their families and showed off their creativity during a game segment. At one point, Tina's daughter made a cameo, and Tina shared a funny family video on her phone.

Tina's appearance on the show comes after that of another VIP guest: Jimmy's wife, Nancy. On Tuesday, Jimmy interviewed Nancy while the couple took a walk through their neighborhood together. She's been acting as Jimmy's cameraman (and audience) for the episodes he's filmed at home, and over the past couple weeks they've given viewers a peek into their family life and their incredible house.

Check out the fun conversation between Jimmy and Tina Fey in the video above, which starts at around 11:25, then watch all the episodes of The Tonight Show: At Home Edition.

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