Get to Know Alumière Glass, Baby Rue on "Euphoria"

This season of "Euphoria" has given us more insight into the past lives of some of our favorite characters. As Rue's (Zendaya) story has evolved and become even more heartbreaking, we've gotten glimpses of how she got to where she is now: a teen with substance abuse disorder. As part of the flashbacks to her younger years, we've met baby Rue, played by Alumière Glass, a talented toddler. The little girl isn't new to the spotlight and has been showing off her talents since she was a baby. If you're already smitten with her — and how could you not be? — she has an Instagram account run by her mother, so you can keep up with what she's doing next. To get to know the tiny tot better, keep reading.

Alumière Is 3 Years Old

According to her Instagram, Alumière turned 3 on Nov. 30, 2021.

Alumière's Nickname Is Lumi

Alumière's mother refers to her as Lumi in some of her Instagram captions, which is the cutest.

Alumière and Zendaya Bonded on Set

There are plenty of pictures and videos showing Alumière and Zendaya while filming "Euphoria," and it's clear the two got on like besties immediately. They danced, played, and became fast friends.

"Euphoria" Isn't Alumière's First Gig

Before landing her role on "Euphoria," Alumière dabbled in modeling and commercial work. She's been in print advertising, according to her Instagram, and taken on other TV roles, including a spot on "Station 19."

Alumière Loves to Sing and Dance

Lumi's mother regularly posts videos of her singing and dancing, like the above snippet of her singing the classic Michael Jackson hit "Beat It." She likes today's top hits too, like Silk Sonic's "Leave the Door Open."

Alumière's a Spider-Man Fan

She may only be 3, but Alumière is a Spider-Man fan. In one of her first posts about her new job on "Euphoria," the tot shared that she "went from watching @zendaya on 'Spider-Man' to now staring [sic] as 3y.o baby Zendaya!!"

Alumière and Her Mom Have a Small Business

Sokka & Alumière is the holistic attire brand created by Alumière's mom, and the little one is one of its best models. Their Etsy page says they use organic cotton and upcycled fabrics to create their pieces, including masks, headbands, and scarves.

Alumière Started Skating at 18 Months Old

Alumière can do more than just act and model! She's also a talented little roller skater. In her caption on this cute video, she says she's been skating since she was 18 months old.

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Catch Alumière Glass on "Euphoria" Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.