8 Fun Facts About The Map of Tiny Perfect Things Star Kyle Allen

If you've watched The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, a movie that came to Amazon Prime on Feb. 12, you've seen the (wildly attractive) actor Kyle Allen, who plays Mark. If he looked familiar to you, you might have recognized him from the Apocalypse season of American Horror Story — no spoilers — or The Path on Hulu. In addition to being an actor, Kyle is a trained ballerina (yup!) and acrobat (double-yup!) with an impressive resume. If you'd like to see more of what he can do — including his dancing skills — you have to check out the upcoming production of West Side Story. But first, learn more fun facts about his various talents by reading ahead.

He's a Skilled Martial Artist

Kyle will probably never need a stunt double in an action movie fight. According to his Instagram, he's been practicing martial arts for a while, and he loves the Jackie Chan movies.

He's a Libra
Getty | Barry King

He's a Libra

Born on October 10, Kyle is a Libra. If astrology is accurate, this means he's likely charming, emotional, and stylish. I'd believe it!

He Was a Member of the Junior Olympic National Team

Kyle studied sport acrobatics for six years and classical ballet for five years. He was also a member of the Junior Olympic National Team for a year for acrobatics, where he was a flyer like his sister. How cool!

He Loves Watching West Side Story, and Is Even Dancing in Its Upcoming Production

Kyle plays a Jet in the highly anticipated West Side Story movie, set for a on Dec. 10 release. As someone who loved to watch the 1961 version growing up, he's thrilled.

"That I was able to play a part of that and put my little mark on that massive legacy is one of the greatest things I've ever done," he told Collider. "I grew up watching it . . . My sister and I would watch it on repeat. We would just rewind it and watch it again. It's always been a part of my life."

He Had a Metal Bar in His Chest, Which He Named Christopher
Getty | Tasia Wells

He Had a Metal Bar in His Chest, Which He Named Christopher

Speaking with Interview Magazine, Kyle said he had a metal bar in his chest, which he used to joke was his less fortunate twin. He even named it Christopher, and his school peers used to ask him how Christopher was doing.

His Ideal Car Is a U-Haul-Sized Truck

Kyle's dream car is a unique one: he wants a container truck! "My ideal car would be an electric UHaul-sized container truck so that I could have an office in it," he wrote in an Instagram post. Hey, that is pretty practical in some ways!

He's Adventurous and Ridiculously Active

Kyle's Instagram is full of fun stunts like chasing skateboards and flipping around in a gym, and he's not someone who likes to relax often. "Tis sad when one has to literally lock themselves in their apartment because if they go outside they will undoubtedly be irrevocably inspired to do something drastically active and not at all restful in the slightest," he wrote in a caption.