Zendaya and Florence Pugh Had the Sweetest Instagram Interaction

While we are used to seeing celebrity friends reunite on red carpets or comment on friendly costars in interviews, it's rare we see a genuine exchange on social media unless it's to politely congratulate the other on a baby or wedding announcement. That's why seeing two of the world's most famous actors chat like us on Instagram had us freaking out.

When Florence Pugh revealed on Instagram that she's the new face of Valentino's Rockstud collection, the actual Zendaya commented with three heart-eye emoji. So far, so cute. But then Pugh replied to her directly – and publicly — writing, "@zendaya when am I seeing you?! I miiissss you xx." If that wasn't enough, Zendaya then responded with, "@florencepugh hopefully very very soon," to which Pugh gave one more public declaration of affection: "@zendaya okay cool I can now rest peacefully at night."

Naturally, fans were quick to respond to two of the biggest names in Hollywood chatting in black and white. "SCREAMING CRYING THROWING UP," wrote one fan. Another added, "might get this conversation tattooed on my body."

The pair recently worked together on "Dune: Part Two," so it's no surprise that they got to know each other while filming, but seeing that they have genuinely become friends has warmed our hearts. The two also have a shared history with the Italian fashion house that Pugh has become the face of. Zendaya has starred in a number of Valentino campaigns, including one alongside Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton, and she and Pugh have both worn Valentino designs on the red carpet. Most recently, Pugh donned a side-boob-baring dress for the "A Good Person" premiere and Zendaya wore a pink strapless gown at the SAG Awards. They were also photographed together at the spring/summer Valentino show at Paris Fashion Week in October.

While we await the release of "Dune: Part Two" in October, which also stars Zendaya's pal Timothée Chalamet, here's hoping we'll see more of Pugh and Zendaya's friendship blossom.