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Betty Singing "Mad World" on Riverdale Video

Let's Talk About Betty's Supremely Uncomfortable Strip Tease on Riverdale For a Sec

I think we can all agree that love, while magical, can make us do incredibly stupid things. Riverdale fans got to see this situation firsthand in The CW mystery's most recent episode, "House of the Devil," when Betty (Lili Reinhart) does a strip tease. Actually, merely labeling it a "strip tease" doesn't do the scene justice. It's an incredibly weird, uncomfortable moment for a multitude of reasons and definitely one of Riverdale's cringiest scenes to date.

After Archie (KJ Apa) and Veronica (Camila Mendes) botch their attempt to karaoke Donnie Darko theme song "Mad World" at FP's retirement party at a Serpent biker bar, Betty steps up on stage. What you initially think is her showing off her pipes soon turns into a deeply depressing strip tease, which includes stripping down to lacy black lingerie and half-heartedly twirling around a stripper pole. Girl, WHAT?

Let's unpack this for a quick second. Yes, Riverdale is known for pushing boundaries with sexy, edgy storylines Γ  la Gossip Girl, but do we really need to see 16-year-old Betty moodily strolling around in her underwear at a party attended by (and for) Jughead's father? And one where her mom is in attendance? Especially when it's all done in an attempt to please her boyfriend? If Betty feels empowered by doing public strip teases, that's one thing β€” whatever makes you happy, B β€” but this is not the case here, which is made abundantly clear a few scenes later when Jughead dumps her. It's a lot.

While we're holding out hope that Bughead isn't over for good, we aren't the only ones who felt, shall we say, put off by the scene. From pure shock to utter dismay to secondhand embarrassment, reactions from Riverdale fans ran the gamut.

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