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Game of Thrones Fan Film Prequel

Ned Stark's Brother Makes an Appearance in This Epic Game of Thrones Prequel

After receiving news that HBO is planning at least one Game of Thrones spinoff series, our minds started racing a mile per minute about the possible theme. We're not alone, either; the topic has been at the forefront of fan forum discussions all over social media. But one group of fans went above and beyond speculation, creating their very own look at what the new series could focus on with a well-produced, convincingly directed, and perfectly cast fan film called The Wild Wolf.

Created by Wild Wolf Films, the 16-minute-long short film introduces Ned Stark's solemn older brother, Brandon, who was betrothed to Catelyn before his untimely passing. It also features an impressive performance of a young Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish, who challenges Stark to a duel in an ill-advised attempt to win Catelyn's hand in marriage. The story takes place shortly before Robert's Rebellion, the war that sparked much of the intrigue, violence, and backstabbing that takes place in Game of Thrones.

Like other high-budget fan films, this short production has earned praise from several circles of GOT devotees. "Really great casting. As soon as I saw the actor for Edmure, I knew it was him," wrote one Reddit commenter, admitting: "Tbh, I had low expectations going into this, and I thought I would watch a bit and then move on. But you had me hooked." Another praised that it is "shockingly well done for a fan film," which was echoed by many people in the Reddit and YouTube comments.

While the film is still picking up steam, we're considering it our holdover until season seven premieres and we get more word about the upcoming spinoff series. We wonder: will we be lucky enough to see Brandon on screen in an official capacity?

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