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How Do Heather and Cassie on The Bachelor Know Each Other?

Heather and Cassie Knew Each Other Before The Bachelor — and No, They're Not Feuding


By its very nature, The Bachelor thrives on its competition, as it literally pits a group of women against one another in their quest for love with one guy. On Colton Underwood's season alone, we've already seen onscreen feuds and the usual "villains" making trouble at the mansion. There's even been a previous competition spilling over onto the show, with contestants Hannah B. and Caelynn having some bad feelings left over from when they competed against each other in the Miss USA 2018 pageant.

As it turns out, though, two of this season's ladies have a much sweeter previous relationship: Cassie and Heather. Life & Style reported that the two knew each other in college and were friendly, although not close friends.

"They were never in the same circle of friends . . . I don't think that they overlapped too much. But I would consider them friends," a source who knew the duo in college revealed. It seems as if they were friendly acquaintances, even if they didn't hang out all the time. The source also revealed that although they weren't really in touch and didn't know that they were going to be on the show together before they arrived, they were happy to see each other.


"I know when Heather and Cassie saw each other for the first time [in the mansion] . . . I know Heather was very relieved to see her because it's an overwhelming experience to go on that and they were friends," they said. Being in the Bachelor mansion can definitely be a tough experience, with the cameras everywhere and the competition at every turn. So although neither woman has commented on their shared college past, we imagine it truly was comforting to know that at least one other person in the house was a friendly face!

Image Source: ABC
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