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Game of Thrones: Did You Catch the Irony of Tommen's Death?

Sure, you were probably shocked watching Tommen dive out the window during the Game of Thrones finale — but did you consider the irony? After Cersei pulls off the ultimate revenge, Tommen sits and watches the Sept burn, only to eventually get up, take off his crown, and free fall right out the window. If that image feels all too familiar, maybe that's because you're picturing that unforgettable moment from the show's very first episode — the moment when Tommen's father, Jaime Lannister, pushes Bran Stark from the window after he sees Jaime and Cersei being intimate.

What are the odds that Jaime and Cersei's son would later jump from a window himself over something Cersei did? With his death, Cersei's lost all three of her children. Fascinatingly, Tommen's suicide also marks the first time he truly makes a decision for himself, because from the moment he becomes king, he turns to others for their counsel and, at times, becomes easily manipulated. Kind of wild, right?

Image Source: HBO
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