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Could It Be Love? Jessica Capshaw Teases New Romance on Grey's Anatomy

We may still secretly be mourning the broken marriage of Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins on Grey's Anatomy, but at some point we'll have to move on. In fact, it seems like this is exactly what Arizona herself is doing with Grey Sloan's newest staff addition, Eliza Minnick. At this year's Grey's panel as part of LA's annual Paleyfest, we caught up with actress Jessica Capshaw about the fresh romance. Could this woman be Arizona's next big love? How will things play out as we approach the season finale? Read the juiciest quotes from the red carpet and panel.

  • On Arizona's feelings toward Minnick: "She gets to fall in love again! . . . Maybe. I mean, I think it's moving that way."
  • On whether Eliza will replace Callie: "I have no idea if she's the one, but it's been really fun to explore their relationship."
  • Why this relationship is so special: "You know what it is? It's just the beginning of everything. . . . That beginning of any kind of relationship has a different quality. I always think about that when I think of the beginning of playing in a new relationship, because it's full of something really special. And so, this is the beginning of that relationship for Arizona and Eliza, where it's all full of anticipation. It's like, when the elevator doors open, will she be on the elevator? Will she not? Are they going to have a sleepover? Are they not? Is she wearing the right underwear? Is she not?"
  • On the possible drama from dating the "enemy": "I think they just needed something that made it a little forbidden . . . and now Arizona's going to have to own up to that. And her relationship with Webber is so dear, and she loves him so much. So, it's not going to be a real problem. But you know, it added a little bit of fiction, a little bit of taboo, which is always fun to play."
  • On how the other doctors will react: "You'll find out."
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