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Jimmy Kimmel's Celebrity "We're Going to Hell" Song Video

Jimmy Kimmel Called on His Celebrity Friends For a Very Special Performance of "We're Going to Hell"

Jimmy Kimmel hosted his annual (RED) show on Monday to draw attention to the fight against AIDS, and he called on a number of celebrity friends (aka the "Red Pack") for the final musical number, "We're Going to Hell." Bono, Zoe Saldana, Chris Rock, Brad Paisley, Mila Kunis, and Channing Tatum were among the A-list guest stars, but perhaps the most fitting member of the glamorous group was The Good Place star Kristen Bell, who had a very firm answer when Jimmy asked "has anyone here actually ever been to hell?"

The lyrics of the song touch on the group's privilege, from Brad's art collection to Zoe's extreme vacation plans and even the fact their kids take diamonds to show and tell . . . before reminding everyone that "if we don't help people with AIDS, we're going to hell." And what does hell look like exactly? Well, there's dial-up internet, for a start. Watch the gang explain more ahead, then check out another of Jimmy's annual classics: his Halloween candy prank.

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