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Jon Hamm as the Archangel Gabriel in Good Omens Photo

32 Things This Picture of Jon Hamm Reminds Us Of

Image Source: BBC Studios

In somewhat unexpected casting news, Jon Hamm is portraying the Archangel Gabriel. Yes, the biblical messenger. The role is for the upcoming Good Omens adaptation, which will be a six-part miniseries based on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's novel about the end of days. The series — also starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant — will air on Amazon Prime Video in 2019. Although that's ridiculously far away, we've been blessed with the first glimpse of Hamm in the new show, and it's really . . . something.

In a new press release, BBC Studios shared the photo of Hamm dressed as Gabriel, and it's safe to say that nothing will ever be the same for us. "Gabriel is the leader of the angels, and the most stylish and impeccably dressed of all of them," costume designer Claire Anderson said. "We chose an immaculately tailored suit that Jon Hamm wears to perfection, in light colors, along with lilac accessories to bring out Gabriel's unnerving violet eyes."

While we wish we could explain this icy ensemble as eloquently as the show's costume designer, we at POPSUGAR are also absolute monsters who could not contain ourselves at the first sight of this image, which may or may not be our new desktop wallpaper. Now, may we present to you, everything that ran through our minds as we gazed upon this otherworldly image:

  1. The human embodiment of Club Monaco.
  2. Someone who overpronounces "Ibiza."
  3. A Gossip Girl villain.
  4. Someone with multiple male grooming subscription boxes.
  5. The Fifty Shades of Grey book sleeve.
  6. Someone who is fiscally conservative but socially liberal.
  7. Someone who once paid someone to wait in line for him to get Hamilton tickets.
  8. Someone who buys the prepeeled oranges at Whole Foods.
  9. Someone who's more than happy to mansplain the ending of Inception to you.

Image Source: Everett Collection

  1. A Soho House member.
  2. Someone who regularly says, "For all intensive purposes."
  3. Someone who always keeps $500 cash on him, just in case.
  4. Derek Zoolander.
  5. Someone who's on his way to usurp Narnia's White Witch.
  6. Someone with multiple passports.
  7. Queen Elsa's roommate.
  8. A street style photographer.
  9. Someone who hates cigars but smokes them anyway.
  10. Someone who definitely danced to "My Way" at their wedding.
  11. A Peloton bike owner.
  12. Someone who hasn't taken the subway in more than a decade.
  13. Someone who irons their jeans.
  14. Someone who describes Kate Upton as their "future ex-wife."
  15. Someone who walked out of The Wolf of Wall Street feeling inspired.
  16. A proud owner of the $95 Tiffany's paper cup.

Image Source: Tiffany & Co.

  1. Young Barry Manilow.
  2. Someone whose dog has a massage therapist.
  3. Someone who insists on two cheek kisses.
  4. Someone who went to Burning Man once with their venture capital business partner and says they had an "out-of-body experience."
  5. A TED Talks speaker.
  6. Someone who uses "summer" as a verb. For example, "I summered in Cote d'Azur."
  7. The human embodiment of Grey Poupon.
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