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Justin Hartley Talks About This Is Us Season 3

This Is Us: Justin Hartley Teases That Kevin's New Love Will Have a "Huge" Impact on Him


This Is Us is shaking things up for season three. Following a shocking time jump in the season two finale, the Big Three will be going through some major life adjustments when they return this Fall. While the flash-forward shows Kate tending to a bed-ridden Toby and Randall while getting ready to visit a mysterious "her" with a grownup Tess, Kevin is now dating Beth's cousin Zoe (played by British actress Melanie Liburd). We recently had a chance to sit down with Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, during MorningStar Farms and EatWith's Summer grilling event, and he teased what's in store for his character this upcoming season.

After ending his relationship with Sophie in season two, Hartley said that Kevin's newfound romance with Zoe will have a "huge" impact on his character. "I mean, it's new, right?" he adds. "He's had his love of his life his entire life. He met Sophie when he was a kid. They got married, then got divorced, had their separate lives, and then kind of got back together, and then it got messed up again. So it's different for him, someone new."

Of course, just because Kevin is with Zoe in the flash-forward, it doesn't necessarily mean that's who he'll end up with. "I mean, we don't know," he added. "Is this the woman that he's supposed to be with or is this something that leads him back to Sophie?" While he's unsure if Alexandra Breckenridge will reprise her role as Sophie next season, he's excited to see how Kevin's storyline will progress. "He's had a lot [to deal with]," he said. "I mean, he's got this new person that he met that he might be smitten with, but he's also managing his addiction and his mental health issues. He's also got this movie coming out. So if that's a success, I would like to see how he manages that."

Kevin certainly has a lot on his plate at the moment, but Hartley added that he ultimately just wants his character to be happy. "I want him to have everything that he wants," he added. "I want him to be in love, I want him to be happy, and I want to him to be healthy. We'll see — that's usually not how dramas go so we'll see what happens."

Image Source: NBC
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