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Lin-Manuel Miranda and JK Rowling Tweet About Harry Potter

Lin-Manuel Miranda Tweets His Favorite Harry Potter Moment, J.K. Rowling Approves

Are we surprised Lin-Manuel Miranda is a Harry Potter fan? No. But we are delighted. On Wednesday, the songwriting genius played a fun game on his official Twitter account called "POP CULTURE EVENTS FROM WHICH I HAVE STILL NOT RECOVERED, MANY YEARS LATER." Among these "pop culture events" was a very specific and special quote from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince that involves Albus Dumbledore and Harry. To make matters more delightful, the lovely tweet got a response from J.K. Rowling herself and yielded one of the more gushy and heartwarming digital exchanges we've seen in recent memory. Watch the magic unfold in the tweet below, then please etch "You're deadly w a reprise, maestro" into our tombstones.

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