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Outlander Untold Clip About Rollo

Yes, the Cast of Outlander Is Just as Obsessed With Rollo as You Are

The inevitable trouble of adapting a book series as epic and lengthy as Diana Gabaldon's Outlander for TV is that things will get left out of episodes here and there. Your favorite character in the book might end up as merely a bit part in the show, and vice versa. Fortunately, thanks to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's limited collector's edition Blu-ray set — which will be available on May 28, FYI — a whole new bunch of bonus content is headed your way.

In four all-new bonus scenes, which are part of a series called Outlander Untold, you'll be able to take a closer look at fan-favorite characters. While all the characters in the time-traveling romance are great in their own ways, we have a major soft spot for Rollo (for obvious reasons). According to executive producers, Rollo is played by a lovable dog named Dewey, who's grown close to everyone on set.

"I am a member of his pack. We look after each other on set," actor John Bell, who plays Young Ian, jokes in the clip. "He's much better behaved than I am."

Watch our exclusive footage all about Rollo from Outlander Untold above, and be sure to pick up a copy of season four when it hits shelves on May 28!

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