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School Kids Dancing About Seeing Black Panther Video

This Middle School's Reaction to Seeing Black Panther Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Image Source: Everett Collection

To say that people are excited for Black Panther would be an understatement — Marvel's upcoming superhero film, starring Chadwick Boseman and Lupita Nyong'o, isn't even in theaters yet and it's already smashing movie ticket presale records left and right. That being said, it's obvious that no one is more thrilled about seeing the legendary Black Panther in action than the students of Ron Clark Academy.

When the kids at the Atlanta middle school were told they'd all get to go see Black Panther together after a day spent learning about African culture, they immediately started cheering and dancing. If you don't tear up just a little bit while watching their unabashed, enthusiastic joy, I can only assume you were born without tear ducts.

"The students just found out we are all going to see BLACK PANTHER!" Wade King, a teacher and director of curriculum and instruction at Ron Clark, captioned the video of his students on Twitter. "We will have a day of cultural classes, African dancers, historical lessons, and then we will all go see the film! Turn up!!!!"

See what I mean? Happy tears all around.

King wasn't the only person from the school to share a video of the outburst of celebrations, either. Founder Ron Clark himself — whom you might have heard of given the school's previous viral videos and the $5 million donation they received from Oprah in 2017 — also posted footage of the kids' reaction to the exciting announcement.

If you didn't understand the phrase "representation matters" before, I hope you do now.

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