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After Beauty and the Beast premiered on Friday, people who went to see it couldn't stop talking about one thing. No, not the new songs, or the stunning CGI, or even all of the crazy differences from the animated film — what everyone really wanted to talk about is how sexy the Beast is. Not the Prince Adam/Dan Stevens version of him, either — the hairy, buffalo-head-having Beast we all know and apparently really, really love. As Vulture's Hunter Harris points out, "The human beast is simply less attractive than the animal one." Why? We're not sure, and truthfully we're not willing to pay the therapy bills to find out. The only consolation is that Belle seems to agree, quipping, "Do you think you can grow a beard?" to her newly clean-shaven beau at at the end of the movie. Twitter, naturally, also had a few thoughts on the matter.

Image Source: Everett Collection
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