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This Is Us Scene With Randall's Panic Attack

This 1 Scene From This Is Us Might Have Been the Saddest Yet

Warning: spoilers ahead!

This Is Us has been known to make us cry from time to time, but the end of Tuesday night's episode completely WRECKED us. When the stress of taking care of William, being a good family man, and staying on top of things at work takes its toll, Randall hits a wall and has an emotional breakdown before Kevin's big opening night. He calls him up to say he won't make it, but his brother can tell something is up. Even though Kevin tries to brush it off, before going on stage he remembers an important pep talk he had with Miguel earlier about doing what his father, Jack, would do.

So, when the lights come up, Kevin immediately flees the scene and books his way to Randall's office where he is sitting on the floor crying. As if that wasn't enough to make you lose it, the series takes things a step further by showing a flashback of teenage Randall having a panic attack over a school paper, and Kevin completely ignoring him. It only took them about 20 years, but there is no denying this brotherly love. Now someone hold us.

Image Source: NBC
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