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The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer

Get to Know the Eccentric King Ezekiel in the New Season 7 Trailer For The Walking Dead

The first trailer for The Walking Dead's seventh season debuted at San Diego Comic-Con in July, and now that we've finally sorted out our feelings about it, AMC has released a few more looks at what's to come. The original clip started off with a montage of each character's happiest moments while Negan's ominous voice explains in the background how he's going to "beat the living hell" out of one of them, as well as glimpses at one of the new season's most anticipated new characters, King Ezekiel, and his blood-soaked pet tiger, Shiva. The second teaser focuses solely on Negan, with another voiceover of him explaining that "there are rules" and "things have changed." The latest clip AMC shared is all about Ezekiel and his kingdom, offering up quick shots of him taking out a walker with his staff and Jesus fighting for his life. Watch the illuminating trailers, and then check out all the things we know about the new season so far before it premieres on Oct. 23.

Second Trailer:

First Trailer:

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