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What Is BB-9E in Star Wars?

Everything You Need to Know About BB-9E, The Last Jedi's Evil Droid

Calling all Star Wars droid fans: The Last Jedi is introducing a new one for you to love! Or is hate a more apt emotion? BB-9E rolls onto the intergalactic scene looking quite similar to everyone's favorite round Resistance droid. But with his darker color scheme and harder edges, BB-9E seems sort of like BB-8 going through a goth phase, or an evil doppelganger. So what's the deal with the new droid?

The Star Wars Databank classifies BB-9E as an astromech droid. Astromech droids, like BB and R2 units, are robots who are most often used for starship maintenance and repair. But while BB-8 is busy helping the good guys, BB-9E works for the First Order. That makes sense since, according to Entertainment Weekly, the "E" stands for "evil."

As a First Order droid, BB-9E mostly hangs out on Supreme Leader Snoke's ship, the Mega Star Destroyer. He's also more solitary than other droids. The Force Awakens shows BB-8 going on adventures with the likes of his owner Poe Dameron, Rey, and Finn, but BB-9E takes a lone wolf approach when patrolling the ship's halls. Yes, patrolling — he's even got flashing red and blue lights just like a police car.


And if you're hoping for the two BB units to meet, don't worry. Neal Scanlan, who's in charge of Star Wars creature design, says they'll definitely run into each other in the film. In fact, a Verizon TV spot features clips of the droids together. No promises of any scenes as cute as this animation, though:

Image Source: Disney
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