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Who Does Kristen Wiig Play in Mother?

Kristen Wiig's Cameo in Mother! Is Brief but Significant

Darren Aronofsky's Mother! is full of crazy twists and turns, but one particularly mind-boggling moment is when Kristen Wiig comes on the scene. Since the Saturday Night Live alum is well-known for her upbeat, comedic roles, it's a bit disorienting to see her in such an intense psychological thriller, but she totally nails it. So who exactly is she in the movie? Her character plays a large part in the story — or, at least, in sharing the poet's story with the world.

Warning! Plot spoilers for Mother! follow.

If you aren't already aware, Mother! is not your average thriller. The film is actually a modern allegory full of Biblical references about how we should take better care of our "home," aka the environment. While Jennifer Lawrence's character serves as Mother Nature, her onscreen husband, Javier Bardem, is supposed to represent God. In the film, Barden's character, "Him," is a famous poet with a case of writer's block. Eventually, he finds new inspiration when Mother becomes pregnant with their first child, and that's when things really get crazy. Enter: Kristen Wiig.

After Him finishes his book, his publicist (Wiig) comes knocking on the door with a load of reporters. It may seem like an insignificant role at first, but if you take into account the greater Biblical implications of the film, she could actually symbolize a prophet whose job it is to receive the word and spread the good news. Not to mention, her character's name is listed as Herald on IMDb, as in a "Herald of God." Though, when the house party becomes a bit too much to handle, things take a turn for the worse. As the crowd gets increasingly more violent, Wiig's character starts executing people by shooting them in the head. She almost finishes off Mother before an explosion goes off and kills her in the process.

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