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Who Drew the Dicks in American Vandal? The Show's Creators Finally Reveal the Truth

One giant spoiler for American Vandal below!

Against all odds, Netflix's true-crime mockumentary about the mystery of who vandalized a high school parking lot with dick graffiti — American Vandal — is one of the streaming giant's most compelling series. Although the blame for the spray paint initially goes on notorious prankster and Hanover High senior Dylan (played perfectly by YouTube star Jimmy Tatro), two of his classmates set out to uncover the true identity of the vandal, parsing through a complex web of lies over the course of eight riveting and hilarious episodes.

By the time the first season wraps, we're not only left considering how the unfair stereotypes teenagers are labeled with in high school can seriously affect their lives, but also who drew the damn dicks. The final episode appears to make the answer to that question pretty obvious when documentarian Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) discovers a crucial problem with Christa Carlyle's (Genevieve Hannelius) alibi and corners her, but she wriggles out of giving an official confession. Fortunately, showrunner Dan Lagana just cleared things up in case you still have any lingering doubts that Christa is the culprit.

When asked if fans of the show should know who really did it by the end of season one while appearing at Vulture Festival L.A. on Sunday, Lagana replied, "Absolutely! It's so funny how that drove us crazy. People were like, 'You're not gonna tell us who did it?' We feel like we told you exactly who did it and then just had Peter (Tyler Alvarez) have a moral compass at the end, saying, 'If I didn't have hard evidence, me definitively saying who did it on camera in my doc would make me no better than the school system — but I have my theory!' It's like, that's his theory! That's who did it!"


So there you have it! Seemingly straight-laced Christa drew the dicks with help from Van Delorey, her secret lifeguard boyfriend who didn't actually teach her CPR. Now we can all rest easy until season two comes out.

Image Source: Netflix
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