Aaron Paul Goes Through Jesse's Most Iconic "B*tch" Lines in Breaking Bad, and Wow, Good Times

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Jesse Pinkman gives new meaning to the words "yo" and "b*tch" in the Breaking Bad series, and now, Aaron Paul is looking back. In honor of the release of Netflix's El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Paul walks fans through his favorite "b*tch" moments throughout the series and the deeper meaning behind the unique tone and enunciation of each. Who knew there was such a difference between a "beeyotch," a "b*tch pause," and a regular "b*tch"?! The evolution of his go-to line throughout the five seasons of the show takes the viewer through a young Jesse, an empowered Jesse, a damaged Jesse, and a defeated Jesse. Check out the video above, and see some of Jesse Pinkman's best quotes here.