A Schitt's Creek Superfan Made a Montage of Alexis Saying "David," and It's Glorious

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Alexis Rose has the power to make me double over laughing with just one word, and that word, my friends, is "David." The always-entertaining Schitt's Creek character, played by Annie Murphy, may grow from spoiled socialite to savvy businesswoman throughout the sitcom's six seasons, but her habit of saying the name of her brother (played by Dan Levy) in the most inexplicably peculiar tone remains the same throughout, and for that, I'm more than just a little bit thankful.

To honor the oh-so-distinct way Murphy speaks while in character as Alexis, a Schitt's Creek superfan took one for the team and threw together a hysterical compilation of her saying "David," including but not limited to the following memorable one-liners:

  • "Oh my god, ew, David!"
  • "It's like a witch's house in here, David!"
  • "I didn't go missing, David — the FBI knew where I was the entire time."
  • "You're like a big dirty raccoon, David."
  • "David, Dad's poor right now."
  • "You try parallel parking in a burka, David."

Enjoy the glorious montage above, and if you're still craving more A+ content inspired by the Canadian sitcom, please direct your attention to our favorite Schitt's Creek memes.