Everything to Know About Bachelor Front Runner (and Beauty Queen) Mari Pepin

As one of the contestants on the 25th season of The Bachelor, Mari Pepin is sure to bring a big dose of personality and charm to score Matt James's heart. A beauty queen who won the title of Miss Maryland USA in 2019, Pepin hails from Puerto Rico and is "living the American dream." We still can't get over Pepin's run-in with Katie and that very awkward shoulder tap, but keeping it classy seems to be the name of the game for the 24-year-old. Speaking about her Puerto Rican roots on her very first encounter with James, we can already see Pepin is all about authenticity.

She's Originally From Puerto Rico

Mari grew up in the island of Puerto Rico until she was a teenager. She then moved to Odenton, MD, where she enrolled in college and began to compete in beauty pageants.

She Is Miss Maryland USA 2019

Once Mari began to compete in beauty pageants, she soon won the title of Miss Maryland USA in 2019. On Instagram, Mari referred to the competition as "so much fun" and spoke about how she was "so blessed to have met so many strong, inspiring women" at the pageant.

She Placed Top 10 at Miss USA
Getty | Cindy Ord

She Placed Top 10 at Miss USA

After winning the title of Miss Maryland USA in 2019, Mari went on to compete in Miss USA, getting all the way to the top 10. She was "overwhelmed with gratitude" and in a "little bit of shock" while at the competition and was overjoyed at the experience. Mari made clear her work ethic when writing on Instagram that "your dreams don't work unless you do," while also talking about her hope for making the Latina community proud.

She's a Career-Driven Marketing Director

Apart from her beauty-pageant titles, Mari is a career-focused marketing director. She is a driven woman on the go, but that doesn't mean she won't have time to fit in love. According to ABC, she is "ready to find the love of her life and settle down" and says "it's very important that she have her own thing going for her." And the best part of working completely remote? She states she "can't wait to have kids and wants to be a working mom that shows young women they truly can have it all."

She's All About Nurturing

Mari says that as a partner, she first and foremost sees herself as "very nurturing and thoughtful." About what she's looking for? She hopes to find a man who values her and gives her the same amount of affection, and TBH, Matt seems kind of perfect for that.

Mari Is a Forever Romantic

Apart from her thoughtful side, Mari describes herself as a romantic. She sees herself as an "all-in" partner, ready to make her significant other as happy as possible. Her favorite ways of showing affection? Cooking for them, planning small surprises, and giving massages.

She Has a Musical Passion

In addition to her love of competing in pageants and working day to day in marketing, Mari also loves to sing. She says "she's not great at it," but we hope to hear her singing soon and see for ourselves!

She Has an Unexpected (Nautical) Hobby

As if all of her other passions weren't enough, Mari is planning on taking her love of the ocean to the next level. She says she will get her boating license soon, which might just sail her into Matt's heart, too.

She Dreams of Going to Thailand

When asked about her bucket list, Mari said visiting an elephant sanctuary in Thailand is at the top. She clearly has a love of nature, so it's not surprising at all!

She Loves Volunteering and Giving Back

As part of Mari's title as Miss Maryland USA, she volunteered throughout the state, but earlier Instagram posts show she always had a love for giving back. Once receiving her title, she spoke about how she was "so excited to continue serving [her] state with this title and putting it to work." She also described her determination to immerse herself in the community and do as much as she could for her state.