The Bachelor: Get to Know Michelle Young, One of Matt's Late-Addition Contestants

This season on The Bachelor is going to be even more of a wild ride, especially now that we know a handful of new contestants are set to arrive later in the season to shake things up! Among those latecomers is Michelle Young, who is, surprisingly for the Bachelor franchise, something of a private person so far. Michelle's official ABC bio hasn't been released — since she hasn't made her official entrance yet — and her social media presence is very small. While we wait to find out more about this mysterious contestant, here are a few of the things we have been able to learn about her so far.

She's Not a Social Media Personality

We've gotten so used to Bachelor contestants with huge social media accounts before they even arrive on the show that someone like Michelle is a breath of fresh air! She has only had Instagram since April 2020, and in that time, she's only shared three posts and has just over 2,000 followers (many of whom arrived after news of her Bachelor stint leaked online).

She's From Minnesota

Young appears to be a Minnesota gal, judging by a couple of her Instagram posts. In one post, she tags her location as Minneapolis, MN. In another, she wishes a friend happy birthday, writing, "Screaming happy birthday all the way from Minnesota to one of my closest gals!"

She Has a History Playing Basketball

In Young's most recent Instagram post, she shared a picture of herself sitting on a basketball court, with a caption about how much she misses playing the game. "50% missing the game, 40% missing the camaraderie, 10% missing the grind, 0% missing the conditioning workouts..." she wrote, adding in several basketball emojis just to be extra clear.