What We Know So Far About The Bachelor Frontrunner Rachael Kirkconnell

As Matt James's season of The Bachelor gets started, we're eager to know more about his group of contestants. We met the women of the new season (well, most of them, as it turns out) on Monday night, and there are definitely some interesting personalities in the mix, including Rachael Kirkconnell, a 24-year-old from Georgia. At least one person already thinks that Rachael is going to go far: Jimmy Kimmel predicted Rachael as the winner of the season during an interview with Matt! Although Matt, of course, hasn't given anything away, it's definitely put a lot more focus on Rachael as the season gets going. Here are just a few things to know about her before you watch her story unfold on The Bachelor.


She's an Artist at Heart

Rachael loves creativity and has even managed to make it into her career! Her official ABC bio lists her occupation as "graphic designer," and among her hobbies, she said that "her favorite way to pass the time is by doodling."


She's a Southern Girl

Rachael lists her hometown as Cumming, GA, a small city in the Atlanta metropolitan area.


She Graduated From Georgia College & State University

Rachael graduated from George College & State University in Milledgeville, GA, in 2019, where she majored in marketing. According to the honors aggregator Merit Pages, she was a pretty good student, too: she made the dean's list twice!


She's a Genuine Romantic

In her ABC bio, Rachael described herself as a "hopeless romantic to the core." With that being said, though, she also admitted that she's never actually been in love and wants to have a love story that's "something huge and life altering." Going on The Bachelor definitely qualifies, right?


She Appreciates the Chill Things in Life

"Nothing makes her happier than a good movie, good wine and charcuterie boards," she revealed in her ABC bio. She also admitted to being very neat and organized when it comes to cleanliness, but messy when it comes to planning. And, honestly, relatable.


She's Definitely Well Traveled

Flipping through Rachael's Instagram is like taking a tour through some incredibly beautiful locations! Over the past couple of years, she's posted pics from Charleston, SC, New York, Georgia, and even the Virgin Islands.