Ivan Hall Officially Has the Coolest Job of Any Bachelorette Contestant

Tayshia Adams gets off to a great start on her first episode of The Bachelorette, and her very first conversation is with Ivan Hall, one of Clare's contestants who hasn't exactly been at the center of focus so far. He immediately wins her over, calling her "more my speed" than Clare and promising to go in with "an open heart and an open mind." So what do we actually know about Ivan so far? Aside from the fact that he's making a great impression on Tayshia and viewers alike, here are four things that just might make Ivan one of the standouts of this unusual season!

He Loves Vintage Cars

According to his ABC bio, Ivan "wants to run his own exotic car rental company one day." A quick browse through his Instagram also reveals that he has a whole highlights reel dedicated to cool cars.

He's an Exercise Enthusiast

What was the first giveaway? Ivan's Insta photos with workout gear prove that he's serious about staying healthy and in shape.

He's Got a Super Cool Job

Ivan's ABC bio calls him an aeronautical engineer who works "building jets for the U.S. military." A little digging on LinkedIn reveals that he actually works for Lockheed Martin, one of the biggest contractors for the military — so you know he's not exaggerating!

He's Half Filipino

Among the "fun facts" in his ABC bio, Ivan lists his favorite foods as anything from his mom's Filipino cooking. He also includes the flag of the Philippines in his Insta bio!

He Can Confidently Rock a Mock Turtleneck

This isn't really important information . . . or is it?