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Best 2000s Christmas Albums

Enjoy Some Decade-End Nostalgia With the Best Christmas Albums of the 2000s

Best 2000s Christmas Albums
Image Source: Getty / KMazur

A new decade is upon us, but there's one more thing that we need to get through before we ring in the Roaring Twenties: Christmas! The holiday season is our favorite time to snuggle under a blanket with some hot chocolate in our hands and a movie on the TV, or listen to some of our favorite Christmas carols to get in the holiday spirit.

Because this is the last Christmas of the decade, we've been feeling extra nostalgic about some of the great holiday music that the last 10 years have brought us — as well as the tunes that filled our homes in the decade before then. So make sure your Santa hat is on tight, because in the spirit of Christmastime decade-end nostalgia, we're throwing it back and taking a look at some of the best Christmas albums from the 2000s.

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